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DVA is completing our End of Financial year reporting. As a result one off payments including Lump Sum Advances (LSA) will not be paid until 1 July 2024.

We apologise for any inconvenience. For further assistance please contact Income Support Payments by calling 1800 VETERAN (1800 383 372)

MyService is a way to manage your business with us online. You can sign in to submit claims and view their status, book transport and more.

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myGov is a simple and secure way to access government services — including MyService — online in one place.

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Find out what you can do in MyService

MyService lets you do business with us online. You can:

  • submit claims and view their progress
  • upload information to support your claim
  • apply for DVA-funded mental health treatment and other benefits
  • view your Veteran Card online and see your accepted conditions
  • book transport and claim transport costs
  • download official letters for tax or concession purposes
  • update your personal details.

Watch videos on how to set up and use MyService

Select the videos and transcripts from the DVA TV YouTube channel.

Link MyService to myGov

Transcript of How to link MyService to myGov

Register for MyService

Transcript of How to register for MyService

Get familiar with your MyService home page

Transcript of MyService home page overview

More MyService videos on YouTube

Get step-by-step instructions for common tasks

The following user guides can help you set up your account and find your way around MyService.

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Set up
a MyService account

Download as PDF (1.54 MB)
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Claim travel expenses
for medical reasons

Download as PDF (2.27 MB)
Register icon

Book transport for
medical appointments

Download as PDF (1.93 MB)
Register icon

Request a review of
a decision

Download as PDF (2.19 MB)
Register icon

Update your
accommodation costs

Download as PDF (1.32 MB)
Register icon

Update your
correspondence preference

Download as PDF (923 KB)
Apply for incapacity payment icon

Apply for incapacity

Download as PDF (1.97 MB)
Update your incapacity claim icon

Update your incapacity

Download as PDF (1.13 MB)
Complete your incapacity annual review icon

Complete your incapacity
annual review

Download as PDF (1.01 MB)
Manage your acute support package icon

Manage your Acute Support Package

Download as PDF (1.76 MB)

Protect yourself from scams

Please be vigilant in protecting the security and privacy of your data – change your passwords regularly, use strong passwords and use two-factor authentication or sign up to myGov ID.

myGov will never send you an email or SMS with a link. If in doubt, type into your browser and sign into your myGov account or contact Services Australia directly. Do not rely on the contact information in the email or SMS if you think it’s a scam.

Visit these web pages for more tips on how to protect yourself from scams when using MyService and myGov:

Contact us

If you need further support using MyService, please contact us.

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