DVA Provider News article - May 2023.

Veteran health issues prioritised at DVA peak body forum

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has published the executive summary from the virtual DVA Health Providers’ Partnership Forum (HPPF) held on 31 March 2023.

The HPPF supports collaboration between DVA and Australia’s health peak bodies, to consider how veteran health services may be improved, including through effective policy and service delivery.

The March meeting covered a range of veteran healthcare topics, including:

  • DVA's Strategic Planning Unit's presentation on DVA's Wellbeing 'Journey' - Framework and Strategy
  • Update from DVA's Wellbeing Policy area on:
    • Dental and Allied Health Reforms - Funding Model Trials
    • Homelessness Data and Veteran Homelessness Toolkit
    • Review of Coordinated Veterans' Care Program
    • Non-Liability Health Care (Mental Health) Arrangements 
  • New DVA Secretary welcome 
  • Open Arms National Manager presented on Open Arms 'Model of Care'
  • Deputy Secretary update, which was provided by First Assistant Secretary, Client Engagement & Support Services on behalf of the Deputy Secretary. Updates were provided on:
    • DVA Strategic Initiatives 
    • Client Engagement and Support Services
    • Emerging Treatments - MDMA and Psilocybin 
A person in an online conference with coffee on one hands and notes in the other

The meeting summary is available on the DVA website, along with summaries of past HPPF meetings.

To contact the HPPF Secretariat or find out if your peak body is represented at HPPF meetings, please email providerengagement [at] dva.gov.au