New complex home modification prior approval process

Resulting from our new Mobility and Functionality Support (MFS) contractual arrangements, which commenced on 1 November 2021, DVA has made the following changes to our Home modifications’ prior approval process.

Complex home modifications

The process for prescribing a complex home modification such as bathrooms, stair lifts or complex stair modifications and ramps have changed as follows.

The prescribing Occupational Therapist (OT) will:

  1. Work with the client and their carer to determine the most suitable and cost-effective solution to meet the client’s clinical need/s and complete the D1327 — Home / access modification assessment form and assist the client to complete the D1323 — Authority to install / modify form.

    OTs need to ensure the client/owner is aware that completing these forms is part of the process and does not guarantee DVA will approve the request.

  2. Send the following documents to DVA via email to rapgeneralenquiries [at] for consideration through the prior approval process:

    Note: DVA OT Advisers may make contact to obtain further information or request documents be altered to better reflect the request and compliance with DVA’s criteria.

Non-complex Home modifications

For Bathroom and Other Room modifications only, the process will be in two stages:

Stage 1

  • DVA will review the prescription request from the OT to ensure it meets the clinical goals of the client.
  • Once DVA has reviewed the request from the prescribing OT and cleared the modifications to proceed to the submission of the prescription to the contracted supplier. DVA will notify the OT who will contact the contracted supplier of their choice and liaise with their builders to commence the prior approval process.
  • The prescribing OT will meet with the contracted supplier’s builder and the client onsite and will supply the forms and supporting documents to the contracted supplier, noting any changes and additional work the client has requested to the contracted supplier.
  • The contracted supplier will then submit a prior approval request to DVA for the prescribed works, including the documentation from the OT, any other required documentation and the quote for the cost of the modification.

Stage 2

  • If approved DVA will advise the OT, client and contracted supplier to proceed. The contracted supplier’s builder will liaise with the client to schedule the work and project manage all trades. On completion the contracted supplier will advise DVA for final payment.
  • When completed the OT will review the home modification on site with the client and carer to ensure the clinical need/s and goals have been met and work has been completed as per the OT’s specification. The OT will complete the D9299 — Post home modification report and forward to rapgeneralenquiries [at]

See our DVA provider news articles for more information on DVA’s new mobility and functional support contract arrangements and resulting changes to our Rehabilitation Aids and Appliances Program (RAP) schedule, guidelines and forms

For more information about the new contracts or changes to RAP arrangements, please email rapgeneralenquiries [at]