DVA Provider News article - October 2020.

DVA clients’ new-look Veteran Cards to access healthcare

DVA Gold, White and Orange health cards have been replaced with Veteran Cards. The Veteran Cards (Gold, White or Orange) have been issued to all DVA cardholders.

The new look Veteran Gold, White and Orange cards.

Ensuring all DVA clients are now using the new-look Veteran Cards avoids confusion between the old and new style of cards, and ensures they can be easily recognised by providers.

The Veteran Cards function the same way as the previous DVA health cards and cardholders’ health entitlements remain the same. Health providers can accept the Veteran Cards from DVA clients for their health treatments and services.

If a DVA client has not yet received a Veteran Card they can continue to use their existing DVA health card, which will remain valid until it is replaced. DVA clients can use MyService or contact DVA to arrange a replacement card.

Veteran Card holders may present digital versions of their plastic DVA White or Gold Cards to health providers, which clients can access through the online DVA portal MyService. Providers are able to check the digital card for health conditions covered by DVA for that client.

For further information

Visit DVA website: Veteran Card
Phone DVA: 1800 555 254
Access MyService