Supporting veterans with chronic health conditions

What is the CVC Program?

DVA’s Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program is designed to support eligible veterans diagnosed with one or more chronic health conditions to better manage their ongoing health care needs. Veterans may be eligible for the CVC Program if they are either a Gold Card holder and have one or more chronic health conditions, or a White Card holder with a chronic DVA-accepted mental health condition.

The CVC Program encourages veterans to play an active role in managing their health and wellbeing. For people with chronic health conditions, the CVC Program provides support in managing complex care needs and can help to reduce the risk of unplanned hospitalisation.

The CVC Program is modelled on person-centred care, meaning care is tailored to the needs of the individual, working collaboratively with a core care team consisting of a GP and a care coordinator (typically a practice nurse). Working with their core care team, program participants are actively involved in the development of a comprehensive care plan, and supported to achieve their health goals and better manage their chronic health conditions.

If you have a chronic condition

If your GP or health professional has been treating the same health condition regularly for six months or more, or if you’ve been self-managing the same ongoing health condition for longer than six months (including mental health), you may have a chronic health condition. You can talk to your GP if you think you might have a chronic condition and the CVC Program may be suitable for you.

Having one or more chronic health conditions can negatively impact daily life by reducing independence, limiting activities and requiring ongoing medical care. Whilst chronic conditions more frequently occur in older people, they can affect people of any age, and both physical and psychological symptoms can be experienced. Treatment can include a variety of interventions such as lifestyle management, medication, therapy and surgery. The good news is, in many cases making healthy lifestyle choices helps prevent, delay and manage the symptoms of diagnosed chronic health conditions.

If you have been diagnosed with one or more chronic health conditions and meet the eligibility criteria, you may be eligible to access ongoing care under the CVC Program through your GP.

More information about the CVC Program, including eligibility, is available on the DVA website or by calling 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372).