New Veteran Employment Program

A new $24 million Veteran Employment Program (VEP) is set to boost veteran job opportunities and help businesses benefit from the diverse skill sets that veterans offer.

With more than 6,000 veterans transitioning from the ADF every year, they can bring the fantastic skills they have gained in the ADF to the civilian workforce. Skills like leadership, teamwork and the ability to work under pressure.

The Veteran Employment Program (VEP) will support veterans find good quality jobs by boosting recognition of their skills and experience while supporting further education and training for veterans wanting to move into the civilian workforce.

The VEP was launched by Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Matt Keogh at the BRAVO Electrical & HVAC workshop in Sydney.

BRAVO Electrical & HVAC is a specialised electrical company and a contractor of choice for Defence Marine Engineering. As a proud Veterans’ Employment Commitment signatory, they recognise the tremendous value and advantages of actively hiring veterans. Their unwavering dedication is evident from their impressive 80% veteran employment rate.

The VEP includes two new grants programs designed to support veterans transitioning into employment and tertiary education opportunities.

The Recruitment Advisory Service for Employers of Veterans Grant Program will support employers to create veteran friendly workplaces by providing support, education and resources to attract, recruit and retain veterans. The grant will provide $800,000 over three years to a single organisation. This funding will enable the organisation to provide advice, support the development of tailor-made policies and procedures for workplaces, and create a range of products to enhance veteran recruitment and retention.

The Veteran Recognition of Prior Learning – Tertiary Support Grant Program will provide funding in three rounds over three years to universities to establish or enhance recognition of prior learning frameworks to better reflect the skills and knowledge veterans gain during their service. This will mean veterans who want to pursue a university education can do so more easily.

This is in addition to the Department of Defence enhancing its recognition of prior learning program, to include the granting of micro-credentials for the vocational skills that veterans acquire during service. The goal is to better recognise the pre-existing capability veterans have and make it easier for them to demonstrate their existing skills, gain official qualifications and be competitive in the labour market.

In 2024, a new advertising campaign will be launched promoting the great benefits veterans can bring to the civilian workforce. For more information about the Veteran Employment Program go to