Free flood cover for veterans and ADF members

Anywhere it can rain, it can flood. Be sure you’re covered with DVA’s Defence Homes Insurance Scheme.

Heavy rain that turns into flood can devastate homes and infrastructure, and even cost human lives. Last year, more than 10,000 people were left homeless across the Northern Rivers region of NSW when the Wilson River broke its banks. Throughout south-east Queensland, more than 20,000 homes were inundated.

The Insurance Council of Australia estimates the cost from this series of floods at $4.3 billion – the fourth highest damage bill from a natural disaster in Australia’s history.

Even one inch of flooding can cause significant damage and cost you thousands of dollars to fix. Unlike many insurers, Defence Service Homes (DSH) Insurance includes automatic flood cover at no additional cost, protecting policyholders against damage caused by weather events such rain, storms and floods.

DSH Insurance covers you for all kinds of flooding, including from lakes, creeks, dams and canals. You are insured for loss or damage caused by water from floods, tidal waves and storms. You will also have peace of mind knowing that a DSH Insurance policy covers you for temporary accommodation if you are displaced from your home due to a flood while structural and interior damage to your property is repaired.

DSH Insurance offers replacement cover in the event of a total loss – a stress-free option to prevent you from being potentially underinsured.

To make sure we get your premium right we assess your individual flood risk at the address level. This involves calculating the premium using local flood mapping data, and property factors such as building wall and roof type, elevation and the cost to rebuild.

You can get a Home Building Insurance quote online in minutes at Defence Service Homes Insurance Scheme with flood cover included in the quote at no additional cost. As always – terms and conditions apply. Visit our website or talk to our customer service team today on 1300 552 662.