DVA Provider News article - January 2020.

Understanding the DVA Veteran Card — White

Patients who hold a DVA Veteran Card — White can receive DVA-funded healthcare for their disabilities and conditions accepted as war or service related.

The new look Veteran White Card

In addition, former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) may also receive treatment for the following conditions, whether service related or not:

  • any mental health condition
  • cancer (malignant neoplasm)
  • pulmonary tuberculosis.

How to check your DVA clients’ accepted conditions

You can contact DVA to confirm your patient's "Accepted Disabilities" and to check if a proposed treatment will be covered under their Veteran Card — White or if it requires prior financial approval.

If your patient is registered with DVA's online portal, MyService, they can check their account for a list of their accepted disabilities.

Digital versions of the DVA Veteran Card — White, which a patient can present on their mobile phone or other digital device, displays information about their accepted conditions. This can assist you by not having to contact DVA yourself.

Specific diagnosed conditions

The "Accepted Disabilities" for which DVA funds treatment for a client with a White Card are for specific diagnosed conditions.

For example, a client’s White Card will cover a specific condition involving the knee, but that does not mean it covers all conditions associated with a bad knee. If another condition develops in relation to that body part, for example arthritis, the client may need to submit another claim.

DVA is unable to legally fund treatment of diagnoses or conditions which are not part of the client's specific "Accepted Disabilities".