Reports Published on DVA Allied Health Arrangements

Health providers can now access the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ (DVA) final reports on the Treatment Cycle Evaluation and Desktop Analysis of Alternative Funding Models on our website.

female physiotherapist providing arm stretching support to a male patient

DVA has been implementing changes to dental and allied health arrangements since the announcement of a reform package in the 2018-19 Budget.  The measure included a number of initiatives that aimed to improve health outcomes for DVA clients and better target allied health funding.

A major element of this work was the change to allied health referral arrangements, known as the treatment cycle. The treatment cycle was introduced on 1 October 2019 and has since been independently evaluated by the Queensland University of Technology.  The final evaluation report is now available on the DVA website.

Another element of this work was a series of funding model trials that aimed to test whether different approaches to funding allied health services could improve health outcomes for DVA clients. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic these trials could not be safely delivered in the community. However, DVA has contracted the Nous Group to undertake a desktop analysis of viable alternatives for funding allied health services,  which could be considered by the Department in the future. The final report delivered by Nous is now available on the DVA website.

While much of the work directly relating to this reform package is now implemented, DVA remains committed to the continuous improvement of its dental and allied health funding arrangements and welcomes ongoing feedback from all DVA clients and allied health providers.