Recall notice: Philips medical breathing support devices

Health providers need to be aware of safety concerns when treating Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients who use certain Philips medical breathing support devices.

Product Recall

Electronics manufacturer, Philips, has announced a product defect correction for a range of medical breathing support devices due to concerns about potential defects.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is working with Philips to ensure the product defect correction is conducted quickly and safely. The TGA has advised that devices currently in use in critical or lifesaving situations should continue to be used until an alternative becomes available.

DVA has supplied around 1,700 clients with DVA-funded devices affected by the product defect correction. DVA is working with our contracted suppliers to assist clients with DVA-funded devices who are affected by the correction action. 

DVA clients as well as therapy providers, distributors, pharmacies or medical institutions should register affected devices via Philips’ website.

DVA will work closely with the TGA and our service providers to ensure affected clients continue to receive appropriate care.

DVA clients are asked to speak with their treating physician about options available to them in the first instance.

The TGA is managing the product defect correction and questions about the management of the recall in Australia should be put to the TGA.

Further information about the recall is available on the TGA website.