DVA Provider News article - July 2023.

PRS Services for DVA clients – new arrangements from 1 July 2023

Personal Response System (PRS) provider Safety Link has moved to a monitoring-only service model. Here’s what you need to know as a prescriber for veterans.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ (DVA’s) D9199 order form has been updated with Safety Link’s recent move to a monitoring-only service model for DVA clients.

The move, which took effect on 1 July 2023, means current Safety Link clients who need a 4G Monitored Personal Response System (PRS) or 4G Monitored Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (MPERS), will transition to an alternative DVA contracted PRS provider (VitalCALL, Tunstall or INS LifeGuard). Safety Link will not be accepting new DVA clients from this date.

DVA Safety Link clients who do not need a new 4G device will remain with Safety Link and will not be impacted by this transition.

Prescribers don’t need to do anything to support this change, however if asked you can let your clients know:

  • Over a six week period from July 2023 DVA is sending letters to impacted Safety Link clients notifying them of the change and the details of their new provider.  
  • The new provider will contact the client within 4 weeks of the letter being sent to introduce themselves. They will also be responsible for advising the client of the timing of the changeover.  
  • Safety Link will continue to provide a service to impacted clients until the 4G equipment is installed by the new provider.  The new provider has until 30 June 2024 to complete the installation of the new 4G device. After this time, the 3G network will shut down.

Prescribers don’t need to contact DVA, Safety Link or the alternative PRS providers at this stage, however if you have questions about the transition process please contact:

  • DVA Health Provider Hotline on 1800 550 457 (press Option 1 when prompted for the ‘Rehabilitation Appliances Program – RAP’, then Option 2 for ‘all other enquiries’); or
  • Email: rapgeneralenquiries [at] dva.gov.au

For more information regarding DVA’s PRS program visit the DVA website.