DVA Provider News article - August 2023.

Project to improve medical assessment forms

In May 2023, DVA commenced a project to review compensation medical assessment forms to improve how they obtain medical information from doctors for veteran claims. This review will continue through to mid-2024, but the first seven forms are now in use and have been published on DVAs Medical Provider page

The review of medical forms is one initiative to gain efficiencies in the claims process and in response to feedback from medical providers, advocates, veterans and families on the complexity of the current medical assessment forms. 

The review will deliver forms that are easier for medical providers to understand, consolidates and simplified, while helping the delegate obtain and understand the information they need to make a decision on a claim. The other focus will be to ensure the medical forms are digital ready and help improve claim assessment times. 

The review process has included internal consultation processes and external consultation with Medical Providers and their representative organisations, ESOs and the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government. 

DVA has already reviewed its top 19 most frequently used forms and been able to consolidated them into 7 new forms, reducing 33 pages to 17 pages.  To find the new medical impairment assessment forms on the Provider page, click here to search for them via title using the term “Medical Impairment Assessment”. DVA plans to have all of the forms reviewed, approved, and published for use by mid-2024.

If you have any questions or any feedback on the new or existing medical forms please email Business.Improvement.CBD [at] dva.gov.au 

For more information visit Compensation claims information for providers