DVA Provider News article - July 2023.

New DVA quick guide for GPs and specialists treating veterans with a cancer diagnosis

General practitioners and specialists now have easy access to the basics on how to assist eligible veterans to access free cancer treatment, with DVA's new Quick guide for providers.

A female doctor speaking with a senior couple.

Under DVA’s Non Liability Health Care (NLHC) arrangements, DVA may cover the cost of eligible veterans’ cancer treatment even if the cancer is unrelated to their Australian Defence Force service.

As a health provider, you don’t need to know DVA’s eligibility criteria to assist. You just need to check if your patient is covered, or fill out our application form if we haven’t already determined their eligibility. Our easy-to-follow guide takes you step by step through what to do.

Print off our NLHC (Cancer) guide today and find other handy resources on our Quick Guides for GPs, Specialists and Health Providers webpage.

For more information on NLHC and other DVA health arrangements, visit dva.gov.au/providers.