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New compensation medical assessment forms now available

The second stage of the Compensation Forms Review Project is complete. A total of 20 forms were reviewed and have been consolidated into 8, with the number of pages reduced from 56 to 22.

To access the new medical assessment forms, visit the Provider forms page, then select ‘Compensation’ under the audience search field, or search directly by the title of the form.

Additionally, further improvements have been made to the first 7 forms published in August 2023 by adding in user friendly check box functionality.

DVA has now reviewed a total of 39 forms streamlining them into 15 simplified forms.

The project will continue to introduce user friendly forms that are easier for medical providers to understand and use to provide the required information. These forms assist delegates to make timely and well informed decisions on claims and will improve times for claim assessment and outcomes.

The project commenced in May 2023 and will continue through to mid-2024, to ensure all forms are reviewed and improved.

If you have any questions or feedback on DVA’s medical assessment forms, please email Business.Improvement.CBD [at] dva.gov.au (Business[dot]Improvement[dot]CBD[at]dva[dot]gov[dot]au)

For more information please visit Compensation claims information for providers.