Improved DVA website resources and content for providers

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has listened to concerns raised by the health sector about the currency and usability of its website content, and has made significant changes to the web pages for providers.

New General Practitioner (GP) and Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) Schedule resources, and improved content on priority veteran healthcare topics, will assist providers who deliver health treatments and related services to DVA clients.

The changes ensure that DVA’s online content is easier to find, easier to read and better supports providers to deliver timely, effective healthcare to veterans and their families. We welcome your feedback on the changes as we continue to make enhancements going forward. 

The first stage of improvements, available from mid-July, include: 

New dedicated GP page that links GP practices to all the DVA information they need to assist their veteran patients quickly and easily, including: 

  • Single navigation page to access information about Veteran Cards; veteran health checks; mental health programs; community nursing; allied health referrals and other required topics.
  • Relevant forms, notes and fee schedules available at the GP’s fingertips.

  • A handy list of all the health programs and services available to support veteran patients, from funded cancer care to travel for treatment. 

Updated and improved content on key topics, including:

  • GP services, incentives and referrals; community nursing; training; veterans in transition; hospitals and day procedure centres; Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP); rehabilitation services; allied health treatment cycle; and travel for treatment.

New digital RAP Schedule, and improved content section. Benefits include: 

  • Easier to find information and prescribe RAP equipment.
  • Digitised RAP Schedule is easily searchable compared to the current 72 page, table laden document. 
  • RAP prescribers can search by provider type, by item, item number or category and easily find the item with links to guidelines and forms.

Dedicated web page for DVA provider forms. Benefits include:

  • All forms required by DVA providers can be found in one location.
  • Forms are searchable by profession/health discipline.

New hearing services content and resources, including:

  • Brochure and booklet you can order online for your clinic.

Please note there will be changes to the location of some provider web pages and PDFs, but there isn’t expected to be broken links as you will be automatically redirected to the right page. 

DVA is seeking your feedback on the website improvements and on potential changes to be made in the future. Each web page offers options for providing feedback and we encourage you to please respond. Your insights will help to inform further updates to content during 2020. 

Visit the DVA website provider portal to access the new resources and content.