Gold Card for civilian SEATO doctors and nurses in Vietnam War

Members of the Australian civilian surgical and medical teams who provided medical aid, training and treatment to local Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War are eligible for the DVA Gold Card. The card provides access to medical treatment for all conditions and ensures they receive the support they need.

16 August 2019

A baby boomer man, using a laptop computer whilst sitting in an armchair.The initiative recognises the contribution of the doctors and nurses who were members of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO) surgical civilian medical teams, and who served in Vietnam.

During the Vietnam War, about 240 doctors and 210 nurses, as well as a small number of technical and administrative staff worked in Vietnam under contract with the then Department of External Affairs, as part of Australia’s contribution to a SEATO aid program in South Vietnam between 1964 and 1972.

The program aimed to provide medical aid in Vietnamese civilian hospitals and training to local medical staff.