DVA’s Clinical Health Advisers

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ (DVA) Clinical Health Advisers (Health Advisers) are fully qualified and credentialed health professionals we engage to help ensure veterans and families receive health care and services consistent with DVA’s treatment and funding arrangements.

A young woman sitting down at a desk with a laptop computer and talking on a mobile phone. She is wearing glasses and a dark blue blouse.

DVA’s Health Advisers comprise a diverse range of health professionals including: doctors, occupational therapists, psychologists, medical specialists, exercise physiologists, chiropractors, orthotists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, audiologists, dentists, dietitian, optometrist, speech therapists, pharmacists and nurses.

DVA’s Health Advisers provide nuanced, sensitive and high quality advice to DVA that is aligned with our legislation and program requirements to help DVA meet veterans’ varied and sometimes complex health needs. Our Health Advisers complete Continuing Professional Development activities and keep up to date with current research, literature and treatment trends to make sure their advice is evidence-based and clinically defensible.

DVA’s Health Advisers’ role includes:

  • providing clinical advice to DVA staff to support the delivery of appropriate healthcare to veterans and their families;
  • supporting DVA with the development and implementation of DVA’s policies and programs;
  • supporting DVA with provider communication and education; and
  • quality assurance activities.

Health Advisers don’t:

  • make funding or health care decisions;
  • engage directly with health care providers who wish to dispute or question Departmental advice; or
  • communicate with veterans or actively participate in an individual veteran’s care.

Health Advisers may at times work with providers to increase their understanding of the treatment options available under DVA funding arrangements.

Health Providers are encouraged to call our Health Provider Line on 1800 550 457 (Select Option 3, then Option 1), if you require advice on veteran eligibility, DVA health arrangements and/or prior approval to provide treatment or care.

If you require clinically informed advice, the DVA Health Provider Line staff can engage with our Health Advisers to assist, or connect you with our health advisers if required.

Visit dva.gov.au/providers for information on veterans’ health needs; and DVA’s health arrangements, fees and support for veterans and their families.