DVA Occupational Therapy Schedule of Fees simplified

Occupational therapists will benefit from the simplified DVA Occupational Therapists Schedule of Fees which started on 1 March 2019.

29 March 2019

Items with similar requirements have been combined to reduce the number of items on the schedule.

'Out of rooms' items for institutions (for example, private hospitals) requiring prior approval and items not requiring prior approval have been grouped together for easier access. All services previously provided by these items are still able to be claimed.

Accessing the standard 'report writing' item (OT50) has also been simplified. The item is now claimable in association with an Aids Assessment consultation (Standard or Extended), when submitting a direct order form or prior approval form.

The 'out of rooms' loading, previously listed separately to any consultations delivered outside of the provider's consultation rooms, has now been incorporated into individual 'out of rooms' fee items. The loading remains the same.