DVA invites provider information and ideas on rehabilitation services

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has published a Request For Information (RFI) on AusTender about rehabilitation services. Submissions are due by 2:00 pm Friday 27 March 2020.

24 March 2020

DVA is inviting occupational rehabilitation, healthcare providers, and other relevant organisations with industry insights to propose innovative options for achieving DVA’s rehabilitation program outcomes. DVA published a Request for Information (RFI) on Austender on 6 March 2020. In recognition of the widespread impact COVID-19 is having on industry, the RFI closure date has been extended. Submissions are now due by 2:00pm (ACT local time) Thursday 9 April 2020.

Occupational rehabilitation and healthcare providers, and other organisations with industry sights, are invited to submit information on market developments, service delivery or products solutions. A concept paper is included in the RFI documents published on AusTender.

The RFI presents an opportunity for industry to propose innovative options for achieving DVA’s rehabilitation program outcomes for DVA clients. The ultimate aim for DVA is to be an informed buyer for any future approaches to market.

The RFI is not a pre-condition to any future procurement process, but enables DVA to progress through further capability development with an informed understanding of current industry practices and developments.

Subsequent to consideration of information from the RFI, and relevant DVA decision-making and approval processes, DVA may approach the market through a formal tender process.

For details, please visit the RFI for DVA Rehabilitation Services on AusTender.