Second World War vet visits WA logistics unit

Courtesy of the Department of Defence

Soldiers of the Perth-based 13th Combat Service Support Battalion (13CSSB) took a very special guest down memory lane recently as part of a heart-warming event at Irwin Barracks.

Perth resident Margaret 'Peggy' Martin, 98, drove troop trucks for the British Army during the Second World War, and wanted a chance to see the modern-day equivalent up close and personal.

After hearing of her wishes, the soldiers of 13CSSB were quick to invite Peggy and her friends and family along for an exclusive look at their workshop and heavy equipment, which Peggy described as a delight.

‘…I was elated at seeing them today,’ Peggy said. ‘I remember the three-tonner and 1500-weight CWT, which I used to drive. It was delightful having a load of soldiers in my truck and it was a delight meeting them today. I have had the best day.’

Artificer Sergeant Major of the 13CSSB workshop, Warrant Officer Class Two Jamie Harwood, said the visit was a very special event for him and his soldiers.

‘I’ve had some memorable days during my career, but this one was certainly right up there,’ he said. ‘It’s not every day you get to show off the workshop to veterans from World War 2, and to see the smiles on the faces today was a heart-warming moment for myself and the soldiers.

‘Peggy really knew her stuff and she was asking lots of questions about how we operate in the contemporary environment.’

Soldiers heard stories of military service from years gone by, and they offered a unique insight to members of the WA community of what contemporary service is like as part of a hybrid Army brigade.

13CSSB is the primary logistics unit of WA’s 13th Brigade, based at Karrakatta.

An elderly lady in wheelchair next to Army truck chats with soldier

Private Kenasi Kagasi talks with Second World War veteran Peggy Martin at the 13th Combat Service Support Battalion workshop during her visit to Irwin Barracks, Perth.