The Rehabilitation Program service delivery enhancements are complete

The Rehabilitation Program aims to support eligible veterans to build skills to maximise their well-being. The program provides assistance with skill and capacity development in multiple areas such as medical management, vocational, and psycho-social rehabilitation, which may be impacting on ability to achieve rehabilitation goals. 

We recently let you know about a new operational model that we are implementing, to improve the way providers deliver our Rehabilitation Program. Over the last three months we’ve been busy transitioning existing rehabilitation clients across to the new program model. That transition is now complete. Some of the things that are a little different include: 

  • We have engaged 15 nationally capable rehabilitation service providers, meaning you can stay with the same provider, even if you relocate - reducing the need to ‘retell’ your story to a new service provider. Having fewer providers who have wider scope means service delivery will be consistent across program providers. 
  • We have made it simpler for your provider to deliver services, giving them more autonomy so they have the power to make decisions within certain guidelines, delivering the support you need - faster.
  • We have updated and simplified the documents that our rehabilitation providers use.
  • We have enhanced our capabilities to monitor provider performance - to ensure better outcomes for you.
  • We’ve also made it easier for you to tell us about your program participation and provider experiences by simplifying our Rehabilitation Client Satisfaction Survey. Your feedback helps us to continually evaluate our program, monitor the performance of our providers, and ensures the program best meets your needs.

We want to thank our rehabilitation clients and providers for helping us manage this transition with minimal disruption to current rehabilitation plans and activities. 

Email rehabilitation [at] or call us on 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) if you need more information.