Commemorative projects to receive $3.5m in funding

Commemorative projects across the country are now eligible for a share in $3.5 million in grant funding as part of the 2024-25 Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program

From today, ex-service and community organisations can apply for a grant to commemorate the service and the sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel during wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

Community Grants of up to $10,000 are available for community-based commemorative projects and activities, while Major Grants up to $150,000 are for initiatives that are significant from a national, state, territory or regional perspective.

Funding is available to support a wide range of projects, including restoring or constructing war or peace memorials, conducting an exhibition or educational activity, producing a documentary, podcast or publication, displaying military artefacts and/or memorabilia, and commemorative events to mark significant anniversaries.

In 2024-25, assessment of applications will be divided into three batches: applications submitted between 27 February and 20 June 2024; between 21 June and 3 October 2024; and between 4 October 2024 and 5 February 2025.

To submit an application or for more information, please visit the Community Grants Hub website or visit the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website. You can contact the Community Grants Hub on 1800 020 283 or at support [at] for further information or assistance.

Have you recently completed a commemorative project funded through a Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grant? We encourage you to send photos of your project with a short 150-word summary to communications [at]