Transition Taskforce


The Improving the Transition Experience report has been produced by the Transition Taskforce. The Taskforce is co-chaired by Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the Department of Defence (Defence) and is made up of current and former members of the Australian Defence Force as well as representatives from key areas within DVA, Defence and the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC).

On Wednesday, 30 May 2018, the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade resolved to inquire into and report on Transition from the ADF. The Joint Standing Committee will specifically examine three aspects relating to the discharge and transition to civilian life of men and women who have served in the ADF as follows:

  1. The barriers that prevent Ex-Service Organisations from effectively engaging with ADF members, the Defence and DVA to provide more effective support to ADF Personnel as they transition out of service
  2. The model of mental health care while in ADF service and through the transition period to DVA
  3. The efficacy of whole of government support to facilitate the effective transition to employment in civilian life of men and women who have served in the ADF.

DVA and Defence have made a joint submission to the Joint Standing Committee. Once published the submission will be available from Parliament of Australia — Submissions received by the Committee.

DVA and Defence will review the findings and recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry and these, along with the Taskforce's report, will inform the way both Departments improve the support services available to transitioning members and their families.

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