Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme - Key Findings (2020)


The Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme Key Findings is the final of eight reports and two papers comprising the Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme. It summarises and consolidates the overall key findings from each of the three interrelated studies that make up the Programme: the Mental Health and Wellbeing Transition Study, the Impact of Combat Study and the Family Wellbeing Study.

This Programme constitutes a unique and valuable source of information about those who have recently transitioned from Regular ADF service (between 2010 and 2014), those who were still serving in the Regular (full-time) ADF in 2015, and those who have served on contemporary operations.

A further unique component of this Programme is its examination of the mental and physical health of ADF Reservists, in particular Abinitio Reservists who have never served in the Regular ADF.

It is also the first Australian study to specifically examine the impact of military service (not operation specific) and transition on ADF family members (partners, parents and children), whereby data were collected on both the serving member and their nominated family members contemporaneously.

The key findings presented in this report represent an overall summary of the Programme findings and should be considered in the context of prior Australian and international reports on mental health and wellbeing in both military and veteran populations.

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