Programs & services for providers

If you're a health professional who treats or cares for veterans or their dependents, we have programs you should know about.

DVA funds clinically necessary community nursing services for DVA clients through the Community Nursing Program. This care must be provided in the client's home.
The Veterans' Home Care (VHC) program gives veterans and their dependants help at home. The VHC program is a low level care program. Clients with complex care needs may need to be referred to other DVA or Australian Government-funded programs.
A program for eligible clients who are at risk of unplanned hospitalisation, and who have one or more chronic health conditions. GPs and care coordinators work with these clients to develop care plans.
Important information if your client needs to stay in a hospital. Find the hospitals we have contracts with. Learn how to care for a DVA client before and after they are admitted.
We offer you custom tools and support to deliver a health check tailored for veterans
Information for providers on the hearing services available to the veteran community
This program helps eligible clients adapt to or recover from an accepted injury or health condition. Learn how you can help clients through this process.
Learn how you can help veterans access diabetes programs, products and services
Information and resources for health providers and contracted suppliers.
DVA offers programs providers can access to support veterans
Learn how we use the Health Providers’ Partnership Forum to work with peak health bodies
Information for providers on permanent telehealth arrangements
Our resources to help you learn about aged care
Whole-of-person services to help veterans and their families stay healthy and socially connected, find employment and live well
Short-term care for recovery following a stay in hospital