Delivering hospital based care

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Find out how to work with us and deliver hospital based care to our clients.

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Who can deliver hospital base care

This information is for our contracted:

  • public hospitals
  • private hospitals
  • private mental health hospitals
  • day procedure centres

Referrals and admissions for hospital treatment

If you need information on hospital admission and treatment see our Hospital admission and discharge page.

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Public hospitals

We have arrangements with all state and territory governments to provide care in public hospitals.

In most cases, you do not need prior approval before you admit a Veteran Gold Card holder to a public hospital. If you are unsure if we will pay, please contact us as soon as possible before you admit the client.

Quality reporting

Public hospital quality reporting is managed by state and territory health departments. Public hospitals are not required to submit anything extra to us.

If you have any specific queries please contact dva.public.hospitals [at]

Funding arrangements in public hospitals

We provide funding to public hospitals providing:

  • an activity-based payment for each episode. This includes the cost of surgically implanted prostheses.
  • non-admitted services, in Tasmania to the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.

For all queries regarding public hospitals please contact dva.public.hospitals [at]

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Private hospitals and private mental health hospitals

Our private hospital information guide provides information for hospital staff.

Our contracted private hospitals:

Quality reporting

All of our contracted hospitals are required to complete and submit an annual quality report (QR).

QRs must be submitted for each financial year by 31 October.

The single report template enables you to report on the following services:

  • private hospital services
  • private mental health services
  • better discharge planning services
  • client feedback and complaints
  • any issues

Download the Private Hospital quality report template

The completed private hospital quality report must be emailed to dvaprivatehospitalqualityreports [at]

Program proposals for private hospital services

We invite hospitals to submit proposals for programs that may improve health outcomes in the veteran population.

We have created guidelines to help you draft your proposal:

Please refer to the relevant guidelines when you write your proposal.

Send your completed program proposal to resp.priv.hospitals [at]

Discharge planning

We believe that effective discharge planning has many benefits for patients. We work closely with hospitals so that transferring from hospital to home is as seamless as possible.

You can can find the broad range of health services available to our clients in our two publications:

We also introduced a Better Discharge Planning (BDP) Program to provide more coordinated support to clients. Only hospitals contracted to provide this additional service are able to claim for it.

The BDP information guide (PDF ### KB) explains service delivery requirements for providers.

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Day Procedure Centres

The DPC Information Guide (PDF ### KB) provides important information for Day Procedure Centres (DPCs) working with us.

A list of our contracted DPCs are available from the following document:

Quality reporting

All of our contracted Day Procedure Centres must complete and submit an annual quality report (QR).

QRs must be submitted for each financial year by 31 October.

The QR template captures both:

  • quality measures
  • the organisation’s Safety and Quality Accreditation Outcome status

The single report template enables you to report on the following services:

  • Day Procedure Centre services
  • client feedback and complaints
  • any other issues

Download the DPC quality report template

The completed DPC quality report template must be emailed to dvaprivatehospitalqualityreports [at]

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The Group Accommodation and Theatre Banding (GATB) Schedules and tables

As per our private hospital agreements, accommodation and operating theatre charges must be claimed based on the GATB Schedule.

Please note that interim banded items are denoted by a hash (#) symbol and items where the theatre band does not include robotic consumables are denoted by an asterisk (*) symbol.

The GATB Schedule comprises 2 tables:

Hospital data submission

Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP) data must be submitted by all:

  • private hospitals
  • mental health private hospitals
  • day procedure centres

The Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP) Data Upload link connects to our secure services login page.

Surgically Implanted Prostheses Schedule

The Department of Health provides a listing of the Surgically Implanted Prostheses Schedule.

Refer to 'July 2020 Prostheses List' where you will find the schedule.

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Certificates and forms

Critical Care Certificates

These certificates are used to:

  • clinically verify the need for accommodation in a Critical Care Facility
  • list the required interventions and level of nursing care

There are two critical care certificates:

The Rehabilitation Program certificate

The Rehabilitation Program Certificate (PDF ### KB) is used when a patient is admitted for any of the following:

  • inpatient rehabilitation
  • admitted same day
  • non-admitted sessional rehabilitation program

The Rehabilitation Program certificate should be signed by a rehabilitation physician.

Keeping the patient certificate

You must keep the original certificate on the patient file for audit purposes. This includes:

  • coronary care certificate
  • intensive care patient certificate
  • rehabilitation program certificate

Do not send these documents to us or Services Australia.

If you need any help with forms, call our provider helpline on 1800 550 457

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