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Memorial to Australian Operations in 1945, Green Beach, Brunei

On Sunday 10 June 1945 Australian forces, with cooperation from the people of Brunei, successfully led the Allied liberation of Brunei. Landing on the Brunei Peninsula at Pantai Muara and Muara Island, this operation was part of the larger liberation campaign of Japanese occupied Borneo.

Following a Veteran Mission to Brunei to mark the 60th anniversary of the Australian landings in 2005, the then Minister for Veterans’ Affairs rekindled interest in building a memorial, recalling the Australian role in liberating Brunei from Japanese occupation during the Second World War.

Conceived as a permanent memorial, erected to mark the landings and the role of Australian and to commemorate the cooperation with the people of Brunei, the memorial is situated at Pantai Muara and is designed to be simple and sympathetic to its setting.

The memorial was dedicated in December 2008 by the Hon Alan Griffin MP with a veteran group in attendance. Designed by Hewitt Pender Associates, the memorial includes an information panel explaining the contribution of Australians in Brunei and the wider context of the Borneo campaign.

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