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Cooking for One or Two is a program that helps veterans and their families learn easy, quick and nourishing recipes in a supportive social environment. Your organisation can use these resources to run nutrition events from one-off workshops to a longer program over 5 sessions.

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Organise a program

Who can organise a program

Ex-service organisations often run Cooking for One or Two programs, but any community group is welcome to run a program.

People who take part in a program do not have to be veterans or members of the military.

Steps to take

We suggest that your first step is to find the right venue. Local clubs, RSLs or community groups may be able to help.

The second step is to find volunteers to help present the lessons.

At least 1 presenter and 1 assistant must organise and run each block of 5 lessons in the Cooking for One or Two program.

We recommend that presenters:

  • have basic cooking skills
  • understand food hygiene
  • understand occupational health and safety
  • have some experience with educating groups

You can find more tips on how to organise a program in our Cooking for One or Two manual.

Help with costs

We may help you with costs to run a Cooking for One or Two program for:

  • veterans and their families
  • current and former Australian Defence Force members

Speak with the Community Support Team to find out what support we may give you.

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What you can achieve

The program aims to improve participants'

  • quality of life
  • cooking skills
  • knowledge of nutrition
  • understanding of healthy ageing

It also encourages veterans and their family and friends to be social and connect with each other while they learn.

By the end of the Cooking for One or Two program, you will have helped participants:

  • improve their basic cooking skills
  • learn why they need to eat a greater variety of foods
  • understand the importance of eating at least 3 meals a day
  • join in 1 or 2 social activities a week that involve food
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How to run sessions

Our Cooking for One or Two manual has tips to help you run Cooking for One or Two lessons. It includes:

  • equipment and utensils you need
  • shopping lists
  • menu cards with step by step instructions
  • templates to evaluate the success or the program

We present the manual in 7 sections. You can print it out from a Word format. We also offer a standard PowerPoint presentation to help you deliver each of the 5 cooking lessons

If you need more help to set up a program, call us on 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) and ask for the Community Support Team.

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Run a masterclass

Graduates of the Cooking for One or Two program may want to further develop and enhance their cooking skills. You can run a masterclass to help them.

You can run a masterclass over 2 sessions. We offer a manual and PowerPoint presentations to help you run the sessions. 

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We have developed a cook book Recipes for Life containing 45 nutritious recipes that are fun and easy to prepare, use simple ingredients and taste delicious.

Access your copy at Recipes for Life (Word Doc 18 MB) 

Recipe cards

Our Accredited Practicing Dietitian and adviser Tara Diversi has developed recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner especially for veterans.

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