Help for alcohol and drug problems

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There is help available if you or someone you love has drug or alcohol problems. 

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Healthcare services you may receive

You may be eligible for healthcare services to help you with your drug or alcohol problem. The services include:

DVA may fund community-based AOD services under its prior financial authorisation process. In order to access services through this process, individuals must be eligible for treatment, and referred by a medical practitioner. For more information, see When we must approve care

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Who can receive them

If a medical professional has assessed that you have a clinical need for this service, you may be eligible.

You may also be eligible if you have 1 of the following:

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Who can help

There are people who can help you if you have problems with drugs or alcohol. They include:

  • general practitioners (GPs) who can prescribe medicines
  • mental health specialists, including psychiatrists and psychologists
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • drug and alcohol counsellors
  • Open Arms

Open Arms has a wide range of counselling services available to you and your immediate family, no matter the colour of the card you hold.

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How you access services

To access a GP's services, you should contact their office and make an appointment.

You will need your GP to refer you if you need special help from:

  • mental health specialists
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
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