Legacy factsheets

This is a list of legacy Factsheets and where they have ended up on the new DVA website.

Where available, they include their Legacy path from the classic DVA website.

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Factsheet Number Link to new page
IS57 & IS58 & some of IS65 Qualifying service
BR04 Veteran injured before 1 July 2004
CEP01 Energy supplement
CEP03 Essential Medical Equipment Payment
CON01 Concessions in New South Wales
CON02 Concessions in Victoria
CON03 Concessions in Queensland
CON04 Concessions in South Australia
CON05 Concessions in Western Australia
CON06 Concessions in Tasmania
CON07 Concessions in the Northern Territory
CON08 Concessions in the Australian Capital Territory
DP01 Overview of disability pensions and allowances
DP02 Eligibility during and after the Second World War
DP13 Asbestos and chemical exposure health check
DP15 Defence and peacekeeping service under the VEA
DP18 Apply for the disability pension under the VEA
DP22 Statements of principles
DP23 Our guides to assess compensation
DP28 General Rate
DP29 Special and Intermediate rates
DP30 Extreme Disablement Adjustment
DP42 Motorcycle GST rebate scheme
DP43 Rates for the Disability Pension and War Widow(er)’s Pension
DP50 How we calculate payments under the VEA
DP60 Pension for orphans and war widowed partners
DP68 What is the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
DP71 Additional disability pension for specific disabilities
DP72 Attendant Allowance
DP73 Clothing Allowance
DP74 Victoria Cross Allowance
DP74 Decoration Allowance
DP75 Loss of earnings allowance
DP76 Recreation Transport Allowance
DP78 Vehicle Assistance Scheme
DP79 Supply of cars or car parts GST-free
DP81 War widow(er)'s pension and compensation offsetting
DP82 Disability pension and compensation offsetting
DP83 Help for test participants and people who served in Japan
DP84 Your rights to review an unsuccessful VEA claim
DP85 Pension offsetting using Actuarial Tables
DP86 Service covered under the VEA
DVA06 Proof of Identity
DVA23 When to notify us if you receive a compensation payment
F111-01 Overview of benefits and services you may receive
F111-02 Understand your tier level
F111-02 Learn about tier classifications and groups
F111-03 The outcome of the Parliamentary Inquiry
F111-04 Benefits under the DRCA
F111-05 Use a statutory declaration when you apply for tier classification
F111-07 SHOAMP health care scheme
F111-09 The better health program
Factsheet DVA03 Overview of DVA benefits and services
Factsheet IS02 How to claim a service pension
Factsheet IS19 Defence Force Income Support Allowance (DFISA)
Factsheet MCS07 Support under the DRCA
FIP01 Access information
FIP02 Privacy
FIP04 Confidentiality of Social Security (Centrelink) pension information
GS01 Overview of Grants Programs
GS02 Building Excellence in Support and Training
GS03 Veteran and Community Grants Program
GS04 Long Tan Bursary
GS05 Grants In Aid
GS06 Supporting Younger Veterans Grants Program
HAC01 Defence Service Homes loans
HAC02 Housing Insurance scheme
HCS01 Help so you can stay in your home
HCS05 Help if you cannot pay for home care services
HCS10 Coordinated Veterans Care (CVC) Social Assistance
HIP01 Become a DVA health care provider
HIP06 Community nursing services
HIP121 Hearing services
HIP40 Hospital admission and discharge
HIP80 Veterans’ transport information
HIP90 Optical coherence tomography
HSV01 Health services for the veteran community
HSV02 Claim travel expenses under the RTS
HSV03 Arrange for a taxi or hire car
HSV05 & IS82 Moving into residential aged care
HSV06 Respite care
HSV10 Services and support to help you access aged care
HSV100 Treatment costs after you receive compensation
HSV101 Coordinated Veterans' Care Program
HSV107 Equipment and modifications for you and your home
HSV108 Veterans’ Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS)
HSV109 Free mental health care for veterans
HSV109 Free treatment for cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis
HSV109 Cover for mental health care
HSV109 Cover for cancer and tuberculosis care
HSV120 Ambulance transport
HSV13 Chiropractic services
HSV131 Alternative therapies
HSV132 Have us pay you back some pharmacy costs
HSV136 Extra funding for your home care package provider
HSV137 The Veterans’ Supplement in Residential Care
HSV139 Medical grade footwear
HSV14 Osteopathic services
HSV140 Help for alcohol and drug problems
HSV142 Reimbursing travel expenses under MRCA or DRCA
HSV143 Electric scooters and wheelchairs
HSV144 Diabetes organisations membership
HSV145 Wellbeing and Support Program 
HSV145 Wellbeing and support
HSV146 Health care for certain surgical and medical teams
HSV147 Orthotic services
HSV148 Psychiatric assistance dogs
HSV150 Bruxism and Access to Dental Treatment
HSV16 Community nursing
HSV17 Dental services
HSV18 Optical services
HSV19 Physiotherapy services
HSV20 Podiatry services
HSV21 Dietetic services
HSV23 Occupational therapy
HSV27 Speech pathology services
HSV29 Get help from diabetes educators
HSV30 Exercise physiology services
HSV60 and HSV59 Veteran Gold Card
HSV61 Veteran White Card
HSV62 Commonwealth and other allied veterans
HSV64 Medical Expenses Privately Incurred
HSV65 Medical care while overseas
HSV69 Veteran Orange Card
HSV74 When we will pay for your hospital stay
HSV77 Convalescent care
HSV80 General practitioner and medical specialist services
HSV92 Concessional medicines under the RPBS
HSV92 Reducing medicine costs under the Safety Net Scheme
HSV93 Have a pharmacist prepare a medicine organiser pack
HSV97 Dental implants
HSV99 Mental health support services
IP01 Reporting fraud
IS01 Service pension overview
IS03 Income support supplement
IS04 How to claim income support supplement
IS05 Social security age pension overview
IS06 DFISA bonus
IS07 Pension Bonus Scheme
IS08 Participating in the pension bonus scheme
IS09 Your relationship status
IS10 Pension bonus estimator
IS101 What happens if you receive a compensation payment
IS103 Real estate
IS104 Rules and exceptions if you own a farm
IS105 The impact for partnerships and sole traders
IS106 Loans and mortgages
IS115 Lump sum advance
IS116 Pension loans scheme
IS117 Ask us not to count some assets in assets test
IS12 Remote Area Allowance
IS121 Crisis Payment
IS122 What happens if you are in lawful custody
IS125 Pensioner Concession Card
IS126 Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
IS135 Requesting a review of our decision
IS137 What you need to tell us about
IS138 What to tell us if you get the social security age pension
IS139 The things you do not need to tell us about
IS140 Maximise your pension or veteran payment
IS141 How to make the most of your aged pension
IS142 Changes to your pension or veteran payment
IS143 When changes to your aged pension come into effect
IS144 Pension periods and payment dates for 2019
IS145 When we pay your pension and allowance in 2020
IS147 Financial help if you are blind
IS15 Service pensioners who can get a Gold Veteran Card
IS150 How income management can affect your pension
IS151 How we recover overpayments
IS154 Data matching
IS155 Being involved with private trusts
IS156 Being involved with private companies
IS158 Private trusts and private company liabilities
IS159 Indexation of income support pensions and allowances
IS16 Pension supplement
IS160 The cards available to you and your family
IS161 Education Entry Payment
IS163 The effects of a special disability trust
IS164 Pension rates if you are single
IS165 Pension rates if you are a couple
IS166 Pension rates if illness separates couples
IS167 Supplement rates if you are single
IS168 Supplement rates if you are a couple
IS18 Veterans supplement
IS184 Rates if your pension started before 20 September 2009
IS185 Couples who started their pension before 20 September 2009
IS186 Illness separated couples who received their pension before 20 September 2009
IS187 Rates if your supplement started before 20 September 2009
IS188 Couples who started their supplement before 20 September 2009
IS189 Veteran payment overview
IS190 How to access the veteran payment
IS29 The income we deem you received from your assets
IS30 Summary of pension rates, limits and allowances
IS34 How to work out your rate of service pension
IS35 How couples can work out their service pension
IS44 Age and invalidity service pension
IS45 Partner Service Pension
IS46 Income support supplement
IS47 Get us to pay your social security age pension
IS48 Dependent children and your income support payments
IS50 Residency rules
IS65 Claims for certain submarine special operations
IS71 How owning a home can affect pensions and payments
IS72 Selling your home
IS73 Granny flats, retirement villages and sale leaseback agreements
IS74 Help with your rent
IS75 Rent assistance for social security age pensioners
IS77 Travelling or living overseas
IS79 A loan against the equity in your house
IS81 Residential aged care and your income support payment
IS82 Aged care and your finances
IS85 When you pay taxes on your payments
IS86 The transitional rules
IS87 Income test
IS88 Asset test
IS89 Deeming and financial assets
IS90 Public company shares that you own
IS91 Managed investments
IS92 Giving away income or assets
IS94 Wages and earnings
IS95 Funeral bonds and prepaid funeral plans
IS96 Income streams
IS97 Foreign pensions
IS98 How foreign pensions can affect the age pension
IS99 Work bonus
LEG02 How your VEA, DRCA and MRCA payments are protected
MCS01 Overview of the DRCA
MCS13 How to make a claim under the DRCA
MRC01 Overview of the MRCA
MRC04 Compensation payment rates for MRCA
MRC05 Rehabilitation
MRC07 Benefits if you were permanently injured
MRC08 How we calculate incapacity payments
MRC09 Special Rate Disability Pension
MRC10 Motor Vehicle Compensation Scheme
MRC17 Help to pay for a funeral
MRC18 Veteran injured after 30 June 2004
MRC25 How to make a claim under the MRCA
MRC27 Reconsideration and review of decisions
MRC30 Claims for reservists
MRC31 Claims for cadets and their officers and instructors
MRC33 When and how to take legal action for compensation
MRC34 Needs assessment
MRC35 Claims for family members
MRC36 Voluntary work
MRC39 Comparison of benefits for dependants
MRC40 MRCA and DRCA supplements
MRC41 Attendant care
MRC42 Household Assistance
MRC42 Household services
MRC43 Compensation payment rates for DRCA and the Defence Act
MRC45 Student start-up scholarship and relocation scholarship
MRC47 Education schemes
MRC49 Income Support Bonus
MRC50 Compensation for dependants under the MRCA
MRC51 Faster access to incapacity payments
MRC52 Counselling package for families
MRC52 and MRC53 Help with the cost of child care
MRC53 Family Support Package for widowed partners
MRC54 Catastrophic injury or disease
NR01 About nominal rolls
PAT04 Payment to an overseas account
POW01 Benefits for prisoners of war and their dependants
POW02 Prisoner of war recognition supplement
Questions and answers Questions and answers
VRB01 General information about Veterans’ Review Board
VRB02 Who can represent you at VRB hearings
VRB03 Cost of Veterans’ Review Board hearings
VRB04 How to prepare your case for the VRB
VRB05 Understanding VEA assessment cases
VRB06 How to summon a witness for your case
WG01 What the Office of Australian War Graves does
WG02 Official Commemoration