Dental services

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What are dental services

Dental services are treatments to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. They may include:

  • regular check-ups and cleaning
  • prevention of tooth decay
  • treatments for cavities
  • dentures
  • treatments for dental injuries or conditions
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Who can receive it

You may be able to receive dental services if you have an assessed clinical need and a:

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What you can receive

If you are eligible for dental services, your dentist may:

  • assess the health of your mouth and teeth at regular check-ups
  • treat any dental injuries or conditions
  • repair cavities in your teeth with fillings or crowns
  • provide you with dentures
  • re-line your dentures every two years
  • replace your dentures every 6 years, unless your dentures have been re-lined in the past year, or if your dentist recommends a replacement sooner

You may also be able to receive treatment from other approved dental providers, including dental hygienists, dental therapists and oral health therapists.

In most cases you won't need to pay for your dental treatment. However, an Annual Monetary Limit (AML) does apply for certain high cost items such as some bridges and crowns. If your high cost items exceed the AML of $2,709.70 per calendar year, you may need to make a co-payment.

You are exempt from the AML and don’t need to make any co-payments if:

  • you are an ex-prisoner of war (POW)
  • the treatment is for an accepted service-related injury or condition; or
  • the treatment is for malignant cancer that affects your teeth or jaw
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How you access

Contact your dental provider to make an appointment. Check first that they will accept your Veteran Gold Card or Veteran White Card.

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Things you should know

  • If your regular dentist does not accept your Gold Card or White Card, you may need to visit a different provider.
  • Regular check-ups are usually once every 6 months. If you need more frequent check-ups, your dentist can contact us for approval.
  • If your dentures get lost or broken, we may pay for a replacement. Please speak with your dental provider, they may need you to complete a signed written declaration stating why you need a replacement.
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DVA Dental Review

We are reviewing the dental program to make sure it continues to meet current and evolving needs of the veteran community. The consultation period closes 18 December 2020. To read a copy of the discussion paper and download the submission template, visit Dental Program Review.

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