Fees & guidelines for allied health providers

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Who can receive health services?

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) funds all health services necessary to meet a clinical need for Gold Veteran Card holders, provided under the following acts:

For Veteran White Card holders, DVA will fund those services required for their accepted conditions.

Further information

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Who can provide health services?

If you are one of the providers listed on this page, and you are registered with the Services Australia, you are automatically registered with DVA to provide health services to entitled persons.

You can find out more about how to become a DVA registered provider by visiting becoming a provider.

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Do any restrictions apply?

There are limits and restrictions that apply to some types of services.

From the following list, select your particular discipline, to go to a page that describes an eligible person's entitlement to receive a referral for your services and any restrictions that may apply:

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Allied Health Treatment Cycle

For information about the allied health treatment cycle, which commenced on 1 October 2019, visit Allied Health Treatment Cycle — Information for Allied Health Providers.

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Fee schedules

You can find the current fee schedule for your particular discipline by visiting Fee schedules.

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Notes for allied health providers

The Notes (see the following links) define the parameters for providing health care services to entitled persons and describe the relationship between DVA, the patient and the provider. In addition to these general notes, you will find individual notes specific to your discipline.

*These notes should be read in conjunction with the notes previously provided, on this page.

Notes for chiropractors

Notes for dental providers

Notes for diabetes educators

Notes for dietitians

Notes for exercise physiologists

Additional information about exercise physiology services

Additional information is available for exercise physiologists about DVA's funding of treatment for eligible members of the veteran community.

Notes for mental health care providers

Notes for occupational therapists

Notes for optometrists, orthoptists and optical dispensers

Additional information about optical dispensing and pharmaceutical services

Additional information is available about applications to supply optical dispensing services.

Notes for orthotists

Notes for osteopaths

Notes for physiotherapists

Notes for podiatrists

Notes for general social workers

Notes for speech pathologists

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Claims for payment

For claiming enquiries please contact Veterans' Affairs Processing on 1300 550 017

For manual claiming please send all claims for payment to:

Veterans' Affairs Processing
Services Australia
GPO Box 964
Adelaide SA 5001

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Additional resources

Open Arms — Veterans & Families Counselling Professionals for health professionals treating patients with mental health issues arising from their military service. Open Arms Professionals offers evidence-based treatment options, assessment and outcome tools for common military mental health conditions and provides links to the latest research.

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