Information for community nursing (CN) providers

Last updated: 
5 May 2021

To provide community nursing services to the community you must meet our provider requirements. We have documents to help you understand how your relationship with us works.

Community nursing services overview

We fund community nursing (CN) services to meet the clinical needs of:

  • veterans
  • war widowed partners

Community nursing services aim to enhance independence and health outcomes, helping people to stay at home.

The professionals that deliver these services include:

  • registered nurses
  • enrolled nurses
  • nursing support staff also known as personal care workers

Our community nursing services information covers:

  • who is eligible
  • how they access this service
  • how CN services link with the Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) Program

Become a CN provider

You may apply to be a CN provider if you agree to the non-negotiable fee schedule and you meet the requirements of the:

  • Community Nursing Terms and Conditions
  • Notes for community nursing providers

CN providers:

  • may join at any time
  • self-certify their compliance
  • enter and exit at any time without prejudice (subject to accepting the Terms and Conditions and Notes)

To apply please review the documents on the AusTender website at You can then submit the completed and signed Community Nursing Terms and Conditions and Pro Forma on Administrative Information documentation to CN.AGREEMENT [at]

The documents on AusTender include the:

  • Community Nursing Terms and Conditions
  • Notes for community nursing providers
  • Community Nursing Schedule of Fees
  • Community Nursing Pro Forma on Administrative Information

We do not guarantee any level of business and will only pay for community nursing services you deliver to eligible clients'.

Following registration to AusTender for the CNS16 Community Nursing Invitation, carefully read:

It is important to note:

  • the Offer to the CNS16 Invitation is an ‘ongoing’ opportunity to new CN providers to submit an application
  • providers are requested to establish the organisation’s capacity to provide evidence, based on the principles of the community nursing industry and best practice of community nursing services
  • the provider can enter and exit the program without prejudice (subject to the terms of the agreement for withdrawal and termination)

CN provider requirements

Terms and conditions — provision of community nursing services

Effective April 2020:

Quality management framework

We require community nursing providers to take part in performance monitoring processes. This makes sure we deliver quality services.

Notes for CN providers

These notes outline CN provider:

  • conditions
  • accountability requirements

You can find the notes here:

The latest notes were released in May 2021.

Community Nursing Bulletins

You can find the latest updates on the provision of community nursing services on the Community Nursing Bulletins.


It is your responsibility as the provider to check your client’s eligibility with us before you provide or claim for services.

We fund CN providers on a 28-day claim period basis. The 28-day claim period includes all the services you deliver to the client during that time.

Claim through Medicare. Services Australia will pay the claim on our behalf.

Claiming quick reference guide

The quick reference guide gives:

  • key information
  • definitions
  • contact numbers

Use this when you submit your claim.

You can download a PDF copy.

DVA Community Nursing Schedule of Fees

Effective 1 May 2021:

Effective 1 February 2021:

Effective 1 January 2021:

Effective 1 July 2020:

Minimum Data Set Collection Tool

You need to complete an Minimum Data Set (MDS) collection tool. if you claim manually through Medicare using either a:

Send the completed MDS form to mds [at]

Ready Reckoners

2021 ready reckoners:

2020 ready reckoners:


Resources for Personal Care Workers

Resources for Personal Care Workers:

The PACE Guide encourages you to complete documentation using the PACE method:

  • person-centred
  • accurate
  • compliant
  • enough

Other resources

 To help you provide CN services we also offer:

Exceptional Cases

Some of our clients have care needs that are not included in the Schedule of Fees. We assess these as exceptional cases to make sure they get the CN services they need.

Update your provider details

We need to make sure providers receive important information and resources. To do this we ask that you keep your organisation contact details current. This should be someone who can easily circulate information. You can use this form to update your contact details:

Send the form to NMBCN [at]