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What are household services

Extra support can be provided if you need help at home because of a service-related injury or condition.

Short-term help can be provided to assist while you are recovering from surgery or on an ongoing basis if you have complex health issues.

Common services may include help with:

  • cleaning
  • shopping
  • childcare in some short-term and crisis care circumstances
  • laundry
  • ironing
  • lawn mowing
  • gardening
  • meal preparation
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Who can receive it

You may be eligible if you:

  • are unable to manage household tasks because of your accepted service-related injury or condition (accepted under MRCA or DRCA); and
  • are assessed as having a reasonable requirement for household services
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How you claim

You can complete a claim form and send it to us:

  • by email to hhs [at]; or
  • by post to GPO Box 9998, Brisbane QLD 4001

If you need help accessing or completing the form, you can contact us

If you are eligible for an assessment, we will:

  • confirm your eligibility for services
  • assess your needs
  • determine the level of support you can access

Once approved, you will need to:

  • choose a suitable service provider‌
  • confirm the provider has appropriate insurance‌ coverage
  • arrange suitable times for service
  • ensure that standards of service are maintained
  • let us know if your circumstances change

A suitable service provider is someone who holds an Australian Business Number (ABN), is equipped to deliver a high quality of service and has completed the following checks:

  • Working with Children Check
  • Working with Vulnerable People Check
  • Police checks
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How much you can receive

Your clinical needs determine the services you can receive. The provider who undertakes your initial assessment will recommend the services you need.

We can reimburse you or pay your service provider directly for approved services they provide. There is a maximum amount we can pay per week. If your injury or condition is accepted under:

  • MRCA the maximum is $573.61
  • DRCA the maximum is $552.12

Standard maximum rate for household services

The standard maximum rate your service providers may charge for the 2023 calendar year is $68.40 per hour inclusive of GST. You do not need to seek further DVA approval for your provider to charge up to the rate published each calendar year for the duration of your approved service period.

This flyer provides general information for submitting an invoice to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to receive payments for Household Services. This information can also be provided to your provider if you want DVA to pay your service provider directly.

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What to tell us

You should tell us if:

  • you are receiving or applying for services from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • the level of help that you need changes
  • you plan on relocating to another area
  • you cease or close a rehabilitation plan
  • you are hospitalised, enter respite care or go on holidays
  • you plan to move overseas
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Things you should know

  • The services you receive will be reviewed regularly to ensure that you are receiving the right amount of help.
  • Household services do not include nursing care.
  • As a general rule we cannot pay family to provide household services.
  • You should keep receipts from service providers.
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