Cancer & pulmonary TB care

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If they meet eligibility criteria, we may cover the cost of cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis treatment for veterans. We can cover the cost of treatment even if the condition is not service related. We do this through Non-Liability Health Care (NLHC).

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Who is eligible

We may cover a veteran’s treatment costs for the following diseases:

  • cancer (malignant neoplasm)
  • pulmonary tuberculosis.

They do not have to prove that military service caused these conditions.

Veterans do need to:

  • have a formal diagnosis of the relevant condition
  • have performed a specific type of service as listed in Who can receive it.

They also need to have either a:

  • Veteran Gold Card
  • Veteran White Card that covers cancer (malignant neoplasm) or pulmonary tuberculosis treatment.

If a Veteran White Card holder does not have the relevant condition covered, they will need to apply.

Call us on 1800 550 457 to check your patient’s eligibility for NLHC.

You can learn more about NLHC eligibility by completing a 30-minute NLHC training module.

How a White Card holder applies for treatment

Veterans can apply by filling in an Application for Health Care for Cancer (Malignant Neoplasm) and Tuberculosis (form ID D9215).

A doctor or medical specialist must:

  • confirm the diagnosis
  • sign the completed application form.

If their application is approved by us, we will add the condition to their White Card entitlements and cover the cost of their treatment.

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What we cover

Cancer treatment under NLHC may include:

  • GP care
  • specialist care from an oncologist
  • x-rays, MRI scans and blood tests
  • chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery.

Pulmonary tuberculosis treatment under NLHC may include:

  • GP care
  • specialist physician care
  • X-rays, MRI scans and blood tests
  • hospital outpatient chest clinics or programs for tuberculosis.
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When treatment can start

Veterans can start eligible treatment if they have had their application for NLHC approved by us and are waiting for either:

  • their physical card to arrive
  • the condition to be added to their digital Veteran Card on MyService.

 They just need to show the healthcare provider their NLHC acceptance letter.

If the veteran is charged for an eligible treatment during this time, they should keep the receipts and:

  • complete an application for reimbursement claim form
  • email it to medtreat [at] (medtreat[at]dva[dot]gov[dot]au).

If their NLHC application is approved, we can reimburse them for eligible treatment costs incurred up to 3 months before the date we received their claim. This includes eligible treatment-related travel expenses.

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What you need to know

Before arranging treatment for your eligible client, please be aware that:

  • the Veteran White Card does not cover NLHC treatment overseas
  • you need to confirm that you or the relevant provider will accept the Veteran White Card as payment before making an appointment.
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Printable Quick Guide for GPs and Specialists with a veteran patient with a cancer diagnosis

This printable and easy to follow guide provides general practitioners and specialists the information they need when presented with a veteran patient who has a cancer diagnosis.

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How to contact us

If you would like to talk to us about a veteran’s treatment through NLHC:

  • call 1800 550 457
  • email nlhc [at] (nlhc[at]dva[dot]gov[dot]au).


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