Specific veteran services GPs can provide

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Key information on the Veterans’ Health Check and Coordinated Veterans’ Care programs.

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Veterans’ Health Check

All veterans are entitled to a single comprehensive Veterans’ Health Check by their general practitioner (GP).

The one-off health check uses standard health check Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers (701, 703 etc).

For veterans who left the Australian Defence Force (ADF) after 30 June 2019, you can provide an Annual Veterans’ Health Check every year for the first 5 years post discharge.

This Annual Veterans’ Health Check uses the following DVA item numbers:

  • MT701 brief health assessment, lasting no more than 30 minutes
  • MT703 standard health assessment, lasting no more than 45 minutes
  • MT705 long health assessment, lasting no more than 60 minutes
  • MT707 prolonged health assessment, lasting more than 60 minutes.

As of 1 July 2022, providers performing an Annual Veterans’ Health Check service can claim the relevant Veterans Access Payment incentive.

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Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program

The Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program is available to eligible veterans (see below for more information) with one or more chronic conditions and complex care needs which places them at risk of hospitalisation. Managed by the patient’s GP and a care coordinator (typically a practice nurse), the program aims to improve participants’ wellbeing and quality of life while reducing the risk of unplanned hospitalisation.

It’s for:

who are at risk of unplanned hospitalisation.

They cannot be a:

  • resident of a residential aged care facility
  • Veteran White Card holder without an accepted mental health condition, including those with only Non-liability Health Care cover for mental health.
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