Imaging clinics to use an updated form for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) prior approval requests

DVA has revised the MRI Prior Approval Request Form to simplify and ensure more timely submissions and responses for imaging clinics and GPs.

22 April 2020

DVA has revised the MRI Prior Approval Request Form that imaging clinics complete when providing certain MRI services for eligible DVA clients. The form has been updated to reduce unnecessary requests for approval and to ensure correct information is submitted to DVA. The aim is to simplify the process for busy imaging clinics, GPs and their DVA patients.

Currently, DVA receives a number of prior approval requests that are not necessary for the proposed MRI treatment. This wastes time for busy clinics, so we have updated the form with helpful prompts to assist clinics to identify when approval is required or not.

When a GP refers a patient for an MRI which requires specialist involvement, the revised MRI prior approval form prompts the GP to include the specialist’s details so the imaging clinic can provide this information to DVA in the approval request (i.e. the specialist the patient will be attending and who will be reviewing the MRI results with the patient).

An MRI request should not be listed as urgent when it is a standard request. ‘Urgent’ status should only be given when the request is genuinely urgent. It is important an MRI is not booked at the time a client presents to the clinic and then given an urgent status to progress it quickly because it has already been booked. The MRI should only be booked once DVA has provided approval.

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