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We are changing the way we deliver services and support to you.

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Putting veterans and their families first

We want to make it easier for veterans and their families to engage with us.

In 2017 we started making changes to the way we do things.

We have been listening to you and improving services so we can meet your needs in a way that suits you.

We are making progress but there is still a way to go.

We want to:

  • support the wellbeing and success of veterans and their families in every way we can
  • make interacting with us as simple as possible
  • help you get early treatment and preventative health care
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How we are changing

We are changing to better meet your needs.


We are making it easier for you to connect with us online using MyService.

MyService continues to expand with new functions. You can log on to get immediate access to:

  • your healthcare entitlements
  • instant decisions on some claims
  • submit and manage claims
  • view your digital Veteran Card and accepted conditions

Our telephone system

We are designing a better experience by providing a primary number for you to contact us. You can call us on 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372)

1800 VETERAN makes it easier for veterans and their families to speak to the right person at the first point of contact.

Phone numbers for other non-DVA services will stay the same. For example, the current phone numbers for Open Arms and and the Veterans' Review Board, will stay the same.

Single view of information

We have created a new system to make it easier for our staff to access information to help veterans and their families more efficiently without having to navigate multiple systems.

Improving our systems

We are transforming our legacy systems so that staff have better tools to serve the community.

Digitising paper records

We’ve converted more than 370,000 paper files into digital records so we can process your claims faster.

We can help you while you are still serving

We are sharing information with the Department of Defence so we can meet your needs from the time you enlist to your discharge from the ADF.

We go on base to meet with the people we are here to support. We are doing our best to understand you better.

The more we listen, the faster and more effective we can be at designing and delivering the services you need.

Our Veteran Support Officers are located on over 56 serving bases throughout Australia. They can help you work out what benefits and entitlements you can apply for. They are available to offer you support and guidance. They can also help you prepare for life after service by submitting your claims before you leave the ADF. For an appointment, send an email to vso [at] (vso[at]dva[dot]gov[dot]au).

To help design a DVA that's flexible enough to be there for you, we are working with:

  • other areas of government
  • the community
  • ex-service organisations
  • the private sector
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Improvements you can access now

Funded mental health care

When you transition from the ADF, we now send you a Veteran White Card automatically.

You may be eligible for treatment for a mental health condition under the Non-Liability Health Care (NLHC) if you are either:

  • a member of the permanent full-time ADF
  • a reservist with continuous full-time service

If you are a reservist without continuous full-time service, you may still be eligible for mental health treatment under NLHC if you have:

  • disaster relief service (e.g., Operation Vic Fire Assist)
  • border protection service (e.g., Operation RESOLUTE)
  • involvement in a serious service-related training accident.

You can continue to receive mental health treatment at no cost from:

  • psychiatrists
  • psychologist
  • occupational therapists
  • social workers

You can access treatment in person or under the new telehealth arrangements.

Please contact a health professional to make an appointment.

Free access to medical treatment while we work on your claim

We have been trialling a new service that gives you access to free medical treatment while we work on your claim.

The claim needs to be for 1 of 20 common conditions. We have extended the trial so more people can benefit. See Provisional access to medical treatment for details.

Payments while we work on your claim for a mental health condition

We will pay you the Veteran Payment while we assess your claim for a mental health condition if both:

  • you are unable to work more than 8 hours per week
  • you need financial support

A better experience when you call us

You can now use 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) as the primary way to contact us.

We are using new technology so when you call, you can say what you are calling about and we’ll put you through to the right business area. That way you can speak to the right person as soon as possible.

More options for doing business online

You can go online to MyService to:

  • lodge claims
  • apply for some payments
  • check on your claim progress
  • update your details
  • view a digital version of your Veteran Card

Even more online services will be available on MyService soon.

Easier to understand information

The new DVA website has been built with you in mind. It is easy to navigate around and search for what you need.

You can ask Pat, our new digital assistant, simple questions to point you in the right direction.

Our expert writing team is also working through our letters to make them easier to understand.

More access in rural and regional Australia

You can get information about our services at 2 Services Australia Mobile Service Centres. These customised trucks travel around Australia and you can use:

  • wi-fi
  • self-service terminals
  • a waiting area
  • interview room
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