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We welcome your complaints, compliments and suggestions about services we provide and how we deliver them. This helps us improve the way we do things.

We listen to everyone including veterans, providers and people interested in veteran matters.

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How to make a complaint, suggestion or compliment

We conduct ourselves in line with the DVA Service Charter.

We want to hear your comments, opinions, compliments, complaints and suggestions.

The best way to do this is to either:

You can also provide feedback by:

  • calling 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) to make an appointment at one of our offices
  • sending an email to feedback [at] (feedback[at]dva[dot]gov[dot]au)

If you need to you can send written feedback to:

Feedback Management Team
GPO Box 9998 Brisbane QLD 4001
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Complaints provide us with important feedback and assist us to improve our service to the veteran community.

We support your right to make a complaint. You can tell us if you are not satisfied with our decision, services or actions. We treat your complaints seriously and aim to resolve them as quickly as possible. 

You can also make a complaint if we have not met your expectations or not conducted ourselves as outlined in the DVA service charter.

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Appealing a decision

If you disagree with a decision we have made about your claim you can appeal and ask us for a review.

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The difference between appeals and complaints

Ask us for a review if we have made a decision you would like us to reconsider.

Make a complaint if you feel we have not met our obligations.

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Reporting suspected fraud

You can report suspected fraud matters directly to the Fraud team.

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DVA Feedback Policy

The Policy underpins our commitment to acknowledge, investigate and respond to complaints and feedback, and to be open to opportunities to improve our systems and service. The Policy provides context for staff, and transparency for individuals about how the Department will respond to feedback in line with the Commonwealth Ombudsman guidelines for best practice in complaint management in the most efficient and appropriate way.

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What we need from you

Please be clear and factual. Tell us the outcome you would like. If you provide your name and contact details, we can get in touch with you and help to resolve the issue. You may provide feedback anonymously. If you do we will not be able to respond to you personally.

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How we respond

We aim to resolve complaints within 28 working days. If we cannot resolve your complaint we will explain why and let you know your other options. This may include making contact with:

If we need to contact you please let us know if you prefer this to be by email or phone. If we call you it will be from a private number. For privacy reasons we cannot leave a message unless your voicemail clearly identifies who you are.

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