Changes to way orthotists deliver services to DVA clients

The way orthotists can deliver services to Australia’s veteran community is changing.

12 March 2019

Photo of an orthotic boot/support (prosthetic)From 30 April 2019, orthotists will need to be a registered DVA provider to deliver most orthotic services, including the supply of orthoses, to DVA clients.

You are invited to indicate your interest in becoming a DVA provider by emailing [at] (subject: Orthotists) , with your preferred email address.

You will be sent an information pack that will include a letter of offer including the terms and conditions, links to the schedule of fees and more information on becoming a DVA provider.

Why become a DVA provider?

DVA has a treatment population of more than 190,000 clients who hold a Gold or White health care card.

Under current arrangements, orthotists are able to provide services to DVA clients but are limited in the clinical time for which they can claim.

From 30 April, as a registered DVA provider, you will be able to claim the clinical time you spend assessing, prescribing, fitting, reviewing and repairing orthoses, as well as the cost of prefabricated, customised and custom orthoses for eligible DVA clients.

Claiming will also be quicker as DVA providers have access to online claiming through Medicare.

DVA has been working closely with the Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) to develop schedule items, fees and processes for a range of orthotist products and services.

Transition period until April 2019

To enable orthotists time to register as DVA providers and for the implementation of the new processes, schedule items and fees, a transition period is in place until April.

During this time DVA will continue to accept claims through the current processes, so you are still able to complete prior approval requests for custom orthoses only.

Once you receive your DVA provider number you can commence using the new fee schedule, processes and claiming through the online Medicare system.

These changes will not impact your ability to prescribe orthoses under the Rehabilitation Appliance Program (RAP), however you will no longer be able to supply orthoses under the RAP.

After 30 April 2019, DVA will no longer accept new requests for orthotic services that are carried out by non DVA registered providers.