Accessing secure DVA emails

Are you unsure whether to open your emails from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) as you’re worried they may be a phishing email?

It’s quick and easy for health providers to set up a secure Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) email account, so you can access our emails with piece of mind, knowing they are protected.

image of desk with person using laptop with office stationery on the desk

DVA uses an encrypted secure email product to ensure confidential information exchanged between DVA and our providers is protected. 

Emails from DVA will be from an email address and marked as `[ SEC=OFFICIAL:SENSITIVE]`

When you receive a sensitive email from DVA for the first time, you will need to set up a secure email account to access your sensitive email. This will also ensure you continue to receive secure DVA communication in the future. 

Setting up a sensitive DVA email account should take less than a minute:

Step 1. Double click on the secure HTML attachment in your email. 

Step 2. Follow the prompts to:

  • Enter your name
  • Create a password meeting the following conditions: 
    • Must be 8-20 characters long
    • At least one (0-9) digit is required
    • At least one symbol character is required
    • Your username may not appear in the password; and
  • Enter a Password Recovery question.

Upon successful login, the email will be displayed in your browser window.

Step 3. Keep your password somewhere safe, for any future sensitive emails sent to you by DVA. 

If you’re having trouble setting up a secure account, please email provider.engagement [at]

If you don’t seem to be receiving emails from DVA, or are waiting on a response from us, it’s a good idea to check your SPAM account.

For further instructions, including how to open and reply to DVA sensitive emails visit the DVA website