Have a pharmacist prepare a medicine organiser pack

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A pharmacist can help you manage your medicines by organising them for you. They may use a dose administration aid. This is a free service to support certain veterans and dependants of veterans.

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What is a dose administration aid

This is a special type of pack a pharmacist will use to sort your medicines by:

  • the amount you need to take
  • when you need to take them
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Who can receive the service

You may be eligible for help with your medicines if you meet all of the following:

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What you can receive

If you are eligible, your pharmacist may organise your medicines with a medicine organiser pack.

Near the end of each 6 months cycle the pharmacist completes a Veterans' Six Monthly Review. If the service is still helping your GP will give you another prescription for 6 months.

We recommend you get a home medicines review before starting to use the service. You can claim a home medicines review once per 12 months. You may be able to claim it sooner if your health changes.

During a home medicines review a pharmacist will:

  • visit you at home
  • check your medicines
  • identify if your medicines work well together
  • tell your doctor about the review
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How you get help

1. To access this service ask your GP if the service may help you.

2. If you are eligible your GP will prescribe:

  • 6 months of the service
  • a review of the service in 6 months

You will receive a prescription for the weekly packaging service with 25 repeats. Each week you pick up and pay for your packaged medicines. You will also receive a prescription for the review of the service.

3. You can access the pharmacist's help for as long as you need. After each 6 month cycle your pharmacist will check whether you still need help. Then return to your GP to discuss your options.

You will need to consent to your healthcare team sharing information about your use of the DAA service with each other and with us.

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What to tell us

Let us know if:

  • you plan to move into a residential care home
  • your contact details change
  • your home address changes
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