After you apply for a review under the DRCA

Last updated: 
20 January 2020

I have applied for a review (known as a ‘reconsideration’) under the DRCA

Once DVA receives your request for review, your request will be registered and acknowledged, generally within 7 days.

Your file will then be reviewed by a DVA officer (‘Delegate’). This Delegate must not have had any previous involvement in making the decision to be reconsidered, even by way of providing advice. The Delegate will then contact you or your nominated representative, generally within 14 days of receiving your request, to advise who will be handling the case and the process that will be followed.

Once the Delegate has reached a decision, he/she may choose to confirm, revoke or otherwise vary the original determination as they think fit.

The Delegate will then write to you, setting out their decision and, in some detail, their reasons for deciding the reconsideration in the particular manner. You will be advised that you have a right to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) if you are dissatisfied with the result of this review.