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The Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ (DVA) vision is to be responsive and flexible, delivering high quality and connected services to all generations of veterans, their families and the wider veteran community. Our inclusive and diverse workforce unleashes creativity and innovation.

Thinking together differently enables our staff to better understand the veteran community and provide accessible services which are inclusive of all veterans and their families.

DVA encourages and fosters a culture that supports diversity, inclusion and respect, where our staff are empowered to fulfil their potential. We embrace people with diverse skills, experiences, perspectives and backgrounds, including our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, staff with disability, staff that identify as LGBTIQ+, and staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

At DVA we know there is strength in diversity and when we value unique thoughts, experiences and abilities it promotes curiosity, discoveries and workplace efficiency.

Diversity and inclusing painting

Diversity and Inclusion painting by artist, Chern'ee Sutton

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Diversity and Inclusion Artwork

This painting represents The Department of Veterans’ Affairs Diversity Strategy and is called "Diversity and Inclusion". The painting shows large community symbol on the top left hand side represents DVA using blue, aqua, green, grey and maroon the colours of the DVA's culture wheel which is surrounded by the Southern Cross which represents Australia.

The next five community symbols represent the five areas of diversity in order which are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTIQ+, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Disability Family and Carers, Gender Equality.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community symbol uses the colours from both flags paying respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures and history and includes symbols for the boomerang, spear, shield and service men and women.

The LGBTIQ+ community symbol uses the colours from the pride flag and a rainbow poppy in the centre representing LGBTIQ+ service personnel. The DVA is fostering an environment in which staff who identify as LGBTIQ+ feel valued by promoting an inclusive working environment free from all forms of prejudice.

Chern'ee Sutton story QR code

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The Cultural and Linguistic Diversity community symbol uses colours from international flags and has people of all nationalities and backgrounds connected holding hands to utilise their knowledge, skills and experience.

The Disability Family and Carers community symbol uses open hands to represent the support from carers and the DVA who are committed to supporting people with a disability to be equal citizens within the DVA and wider Australia.

The Gender Equality community symbol represents equality between men, women and non-binary. The DVA focuses on maintaining gender balance by developing a culture of inclusion for all genders with access to equal opportunities.

The white spirit trails that emanate from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (top left) join and link all other diversity groups together and join them as one community within the DVA in the bottom right corner. This larger community symbol represents the DVA's Diversity Strategy which includes colours from the DVA community as well as colours and symbols from each of the five areas of diversity.

The three areas of camouflage represent the three services within the Australian Defence Force which are Army, Navy and Air Force and the large dotted coloured circles in the background represent each of the eight Australian States and Territories.

Diversity and Inclusion artist Chern'ee Sutton with the painting and Liz Cosson and other people

Artist — Chern'ee Sutton, 22-year-old contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people, Mount Isa area in Queensland; with Secretary Liz Cosson, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Champion Edel Kairouz and CultureVerse Loc Trinh.

The painting is on display in the Gnabra building, Canberra office.

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Diversity Policy and Strategy

Our Diversity Strategy 2018-2023 aims to nurture a working environment that is inclusive, valued, innovative and recognises the contributions of our workforce. Our Policy and Strategy has been developed in consultation with staff from across the Department. The Policy and Strategy aims to improve our recruitment, selection and retention of employees, as well as building an inclusive workplace culture where all employees are valued and recognised for their unique qualities, ideas, skills and perspectives.

The Diversity Strategy supports the:

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Disability Employment Strategy 2021 – 2025

DVA is committed to supporting the Australian Public Service Disability Employment Strategy 2020-25 objectives of focusing on the attraction, recruitment and retention of people with disability, in addition to creating more accessible and inclusive workplace cultures and environments.

DVA has developed a tailored Disability Employment Strategy 2021 – 2025 which represents the Departments continued commitment to improving employment outcomes for people with disability at DVA. This strategy provides a comprehensive plan to introduce new initiatives and improve existing programs to increase employment outcomes and address barriers that people with disability may face in the workplace.

You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with this important strategy.

Cover of the Reconciliation Action Plan

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Reconciliation Action Plan

The department’s Reconciliation Action Plan 2018-2020 is committed to ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians are working together to support reconciliation. We seek to be part of a community that recognises and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, supporting respectful opportunities and building relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veterans, service providers and the wider Australian community.

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Gurru Ngali Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy 2020 – 2024

DVA’s Gurru Ngali Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy 2020 – 2024 supports the Commonwealth-wide approach to develop culturally safe and inclusive workplaces with a greater Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce representation at each classification level and across all business areas.  We are committed to improving the employee experience of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff through an enhanced focus on recruitment, development, career progression and retention in the DVA workforce.

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DVA Gender Equity Action Plan 2022-2026

DVA is committed to support the Australian Public Service Gender Equality Strategy 2021-2026 that presents a shared vision for gender equality towards which everyone in the APS can contribute.

The tailored DVA Gender Equity Action Plan 2022-2026, outlines DVA's commitment to further embedding gender equality and equity into all that we do through short, medium and long-term actions. DVA will continue to focus on maintaining an effective gender balance at all levels. 

The six Action Areas are:

  • Leadership and accountability that progresses gender equality through individual and collective action.
  • Respectful workplaces and empowered people that prioritises our people's safety and wellbeing.
  • Shifting gender stereotypes to support the career and life choices of our people.
  • Flexible ways of working to give our people more choice and enhance their contributions at work.
  • Gender data that ensures our efforts are informed by the evidence base and progress is visible.
  • Leveraging our external influence to champion gender equality in our everyday work.
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Our Partners

Staff from our Diversity and Inclusion Staff network, and our Diversity Champion, Indigenous Champion and Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Champion.

We partner with the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) to support our efforts in turning up the volume on Indigenous Employment; and also hold corporate memberships with Diversity Council Australia (DCA), Pride in Diversity and Australian Disability Network.

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Disability Council Australia DCA

Pride in Diversity

Australian Disability Network

For more information about Diversity in DVA – please contact diversity [at] dva.gov.au

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