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9th Division Memorial, El Alamein, Egypt

The memorial is a tribute to the members of 9th Division, who fought and died in the battles of the El Alamein campaign which raged between July and November 1942.

The 9th Division Memorial lies close to the El Alamein War Cemetery.


To the 9th Division

'These great days we are living in are a time for deeds rather than words, but when great deeds have been done there is no harm in speaking of them. And great deeds have been done.

The Battle of El Alamein has made history, and you are in the proud position of having taken part in that great victory. Your reputation as fighters has always been famous, but I do not believe you have ever fought with greater bravery or distinction than you did during that battle, when you broke the German and Italian armies in the Western Desert. Now you have added fresh lustre to your already illustrious name.

Your losses have been heavy indeed and for that we are all greatly distressed. But war is a hard and bloody affair, and great victories cannot be won without sacrifice. It is always a fine and moving spectacle to see, as I do today, worthy men who have done their duty on the battlefield assembled in ranks on parade, and those ranks filled again with young recruits and fresh reinforcements.

To these future warriors I extend a warm welcome and greet them as brothers in arms who have come to join the forces in the Middle East which it is my honour to command.'

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