Rehabilitation appliances program

Last updated: 
19 May 2020

The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) supplies aids and appliances to help veterans manage their health and wellbeing.

The program

The RAP supplies aids and appliances to help veterans to:

  • maximise independence
  • improve quality of life
  • minimise the impact of disabilities

Aids or appliances can include:

  • continence products
  • mobility and functional support aids
  • personal response systems
  • home medical oxygen
  • diabetic supplies
  • continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) supplies

Who may access RAP

Veterans can access RAP if a health professional has assessed that they need help for a disability we accept.

They must also have either a:

Who can refer a client

A health provider must assess a veteran for RAP. This may be a:

  • general practitioner (GP)
  • occupational therapist
  • physiotherapist
  • speech pathologist (speech therapist)

These health professionals can refer clients to allied health professionals who can supply the appropriate aids and appliances.

Aids and appliances clients can access

The RAP National Schedule of Equipment (the Schedule) lists the aids and appliances that are available to participants of the program. These items fall into the following broad categories:

  • continence
  • diabetes
  • oxygen and positive airways pressure (PAP)
  • mobility and functional support (MFS)
  • cognitive, dementia and memory assistive technology
  • personal response systems (PRS)
  • falls prevention
  • low vision
  • prosthesis
  • footwear
  • hearing appliances
  • speech pathology

The Schedule lists:

  • the items we need to approve before you issue them
  • what you may need to assess a client for
  • limits to the numbers of equipment or aids RAP will cover, and how long a client can have them
  • which items health providers may assess and prescribe

Schedule and guidelines downloads:

RAP for our clients in aged care

When our clients who receive RAP live in aged care facilities what they can receive may change. Other government programs may cover some aids and appliances. The Aged Care Eligibility Matrix shows the items RAP covers for our clients who live in aged care facilities.

Assess whether clients need to modify their homes

We offer information on the steps to take when you assess whether a client needs to modify their home:

Medical grade footwear information

We have different tips and guides for:

  • health providers who need to assess a client for medical grade footwear
  • suppliers of medical grade footwear

Health provider tips and guides

MGF suppliers tips and guides

Equipment suppliers

We contract suppliers of aids and appliances for RAP.

As a health provider, the choice of supplier is up to you.

Mobility and Functional Support (MFS)


Allianz Global Assistance

The Country Care Group


Home medical oxygen therapy

Air Liquide Healthcare (ALH)

Phone: 1300 36 02 02
Fax numbers, by state:

BOC Limited
Phone: 1800 050 999
Fax: 1800 624 149

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

Air Liquide Healthcare (ALH)

BOC Limited


Continence aids suppliers

Independence Australia

BrightSky Australia

Personal response systems (PRS)

Safety Link

Tunstall Healthcare


INS LifeGuard

Low Vision (LV) Equipment

ATE — Adaptive Technology Equipment

Quantum: Reading, Learning, Vision


Royal Society for the Blind

Vision Australia

DLA — Daily Living Aids and Appliances


Royal Society for the Blind

Vision Australia

Contact us

For enquiries about RAP, call our Health Provider Line on 1800 550 457.

As a health provider, you can also offer advice and make requests to us using the D0904 - DVA Request / Referral Form (PDF 135 KB).


You can use our forms to help you:

  • assess a client
  • apply for client aids or appliances
  • order aids or appliances
  • advise on what needs modifying in a client's home
  • report on whether contractors have correctly modified a client's home

Assess a client

Apply for aids or appliances

Order aids or appliances

Advise on what needs modifying in a client's home

Report on whether contractors have correctly modified a client's home