First Veteran Wellbeing Centre now open

Australia’s first Veteran Wellbeing Centre has officially opened this week in Perth.

Encouraging veterans to achieve greater independence for themselves and their families is a key focus of ANZAC House Veteran Central, and the location will provide a single access point for assistance from government, health services, ex-service organisations and community groups working in partnership together to support veteran wellbeing.

Once established, these centres will deliver integrated support to veterans and their families from government, business and community partnerships.

Veteran Central will centralise most of the major veteran health services under one roof – with access to health providers specialising in hearing, physiotherapy, dental, occupational therapy and mental health support. Veterans will also have access to financial, legal and employment support services, home care and aged care services, through a collaboration of ex-service organisations, government support services and Open Arms.

Veteran Wellbeing Centres provide an opportunity to link the many businesses, government, ex-service organisations and community organisations involved in supporting the wellbeing of veterans and their families together and create a streamlined approach to accessing services for veterans and their families.

The Centres will help connect veterans and their families to a range of core services that will include support for transition, employment, health and social connection.

More information and updates on the establishment of Veteran Wellbeing Centres can be found on the DVA website.