50th anniversary of Operation Ivanhoe and the Battle of Nui Le

On Monday 20 September, DVA commemorated the 50th anniversary of Operation Ivanhoe and the Battle of Nui Le during the Vietnam War.

A significant anniversary such as this one is traditionally marked with a national commemorative service at the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial in Canberra, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in place across the country, the service was changed to a virtual service.

It is unfortunate that the pandemic restrictions have kept us apart for so many important events, but the health and welfare of veterans, their families and the wider community is our priority.  

Operation Ivanhoe was the last offensive operation of Australia’s war in Vietnam. The Battle of Nui Le, fought during Operation Ivanhoe on 21 September 1971, was the last major battle fought by Australian forces in Vietnam.

Operation Ivanhoe was a search-and-destroy sweep of the area south of the Courtenay rubber plantation involving infantry, armoured personnel carriers, artillery and engineers, along with air support.

Tragically 6 Australians lost their lives in Operation Ivanhoe, with 29 Australians and one New Zealander wounded. At least 5 Australians received decorations for their role in Operation Ivanhoe with a further three Mentioned in Despatches.

This important anniversary could not pass without proper recognition. You can view the virtual service on ABC iView and the DVA YouTube channel.

Image with DVA crest and title saying Operation Ivanhoe virtual service