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Once you've transitioned out of full-time service, you may have to contend with a change to your living costs and wages. 

There's help available if you're having troubles with your finances.

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DVA payments

In most cases, we will have to accept liability for a physical or mental condition before we can pay you an income support payment or compensation.

You will need to apply via MyService to get us to accept liability.

Veteran Payment

The Veteran Payment is an interim payment for those who:

This means that you can start to get assistance from us before we approve your claim.

Your partner may be eligible for their own Veteran Payment.

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Other payments

You may be eligible for payments from other government agencies or your superannuation fund. These payments may have an effect on the amount of pension or payment we pay you. You may wish to seek financial advice before starting or stopping one of these payments.

JobSeeker Payment

The JobSeeker Payment is a fortnightly payment for people who are between 22 and Age Pension age and who are looking for work. It is a Services Australia (Centrelink) payment.


After you leave full-time service, you may be eligible for a lump-sum payment or regular payments from your super fund. The amount you can get will depend on your individual circumstances. You should contact your super fund to ask for more information.

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Defence help

Before you leave full-time service, you should take advantage of all on-base help, including transition assistance seminars.

Once you've left, you can still access information on the Defence website. This includes information about:

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Support with financial literacy

You and your family have access to a number of resources and payments designed to foster financial literacy, including:

  • online educational material
  • access to financial counselling
  • compensation for professional financial advice.

We have created an information sheet (DOCX 20 KB) that lists these resources, and tells you where you can find them.

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Mortgages and home insurance

Leaving the service does not automatically mean that your entitlements to the home ownership assistance scheme and to defence insurance cease.

Defence home ownership assistance

You may still have access to the home ownership assistance scheme after you leave full-time ADF service. If you have accessed the scheme in the past, you will need to contact the Defence Home Ownership Assistance team to let them know that you have left full-time service, as this change can impact your subsidy payment.

Home insurance

Defence Service Homes (DSH) Insurance provides home building insurance to all current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who have at least one day of service regardless.

This include reservists and peacekeepers. If you are insured with DHS Insurance you should contact them to update them any changes in your circumstances such as a change of address.

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DVA payments and child support

Your income support and compensation payments may be considered in an assessment of your income for child support purposes. Services Australia has more information on child support assessments.

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