Fees, forms & guidelines for GPs

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This page outlines the basics on our fees, forms and the rules for DVA arrangements.

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Our Schedule of Fees lists funded medical services and item numbers. You cannot charge gap fees with Veteran Card payments.

As of 1 January 2022, our telehealth arrangements for Veteran Card holders became permanent. Our DVA Fees for telehealth mirror those of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

Any queries related to the interpretation of these MBS items should be directed to askMBS [at] health.gov.au.

Incentives are available for a general practitioner (GP) to treat Veteran Card holders, including the Veterans' Access Payment for telehealth.

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Our forms are available online. As a primary healthcare provider, you may commonly need to use forms for:

  • referrals to specialists and allied health providers. GP referrals to allied health services are valid for up to 12 sessions of treatment or one year, whichever ends first. You can use your own stationery or the DVA referral form.
  • seeking prior approval for non-MBS listed treatments using the prior approval form.
  • requesting other services such as rehabilitation appliances.

You need to request prior approval from us before providing non-MBS or Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme treatments.

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Guidelines on our health arrangements

Our Notes for General Practitioners describe health arrangements between us and GPs.

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